Honoring a very touching gift

Jim Harting left the Rivkin Center the proceeds of the sale of his farm, and the $536,000 gift that Rivkin received this spring as a result of this bequest became one of the largest single gifts in our organization’s history.

It started with a basket…

Rita was in the middle of battling ovarian cancer and wanted to help others in a meaningful way. She donated a basket full of goodies she thought someone would enjoy.

Dr. Saul E. Rivkin

Dr. Saul Rivkin & Joe White

Dr. Saul E. Rivkin. I could almost stop there with this post, because Saul is a man who may be bigger than the words used to describe him. But he deserves more – much more.

Party, Party @ the Pie Party

If you were driving in Ballard and saw a stream of pies being carried into the Salmon Bay Eagles lodge on the evening of January 23, 2016, you weren’t losing your mind-you were seeing the guests of the 14th Annual Ballard Pie Party arriving for an evening of fun, savory and sweet pies, good music, prizes, and plenty of napkins to wipe the pie from their faces.