Sachia Stonefeld Powell Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Collaborate: to work, one with another. 

In 2010, Sachia Stonefeld Powell attended a fundraiser that changed her life: Dr. Charles W. Drescher’s keynote address led Sachia to discover the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer. Within a matter of months, Sachia captained her first Rivkin Center SummeRun fundraising team. Six SummeRuns later that fundraising effort became personal: Sachia herself was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and her physician-patient collaboration with Dr. Drescher began.
Ovarian cancer has a low survival rate, and yet ovarian cancer research has been — and remains — critically underfunded. Together, Sachia, a patient and an energetic advocate for ovarian cancer research, and Dr. Drescher, a dedicated clinician and researcher, share something profound: Together, through collaboration, the physician and the patient, the scientist and the survivor, have the power to change the statistics.   
In 2020, following a recurrence, Sachia formed this Fund — created to honor the power of physician-patient and scientist-survivor collaboration — to support the Rivkin Center’s research mission: to prevent, detect early, and cure ovarian cancer. The Fund is dedicated to the physicians and scientists working for a cure. It is dedicated to the patients who entrust their hopes and lives to them. And it is dedicated, with profound gratitude, to Dr. Drescher, for introducing Sachia to the Rivkin Center.
Each one of us can make a difference; through collaboration, we make change.
All donations made through this page will be contributed to Sachia’s fund to support cutting-edge ovarian cancer research through the Rivkin Center’s Research Grants.
Funding Goal$10,077Raised$100,000