Meet a Survivor: Allisa Mensin

The Rivkin Center fosters an ever-growing community of survivors, patients, researchers, clinicians, advocates, and supporters — all working together in the fight against ovarian and breast cancer. Meet Allisa, an ovarian cancer survivor and SummeRun participant. ABOUT ALLISA Where are you from? Born in Seattle and raised in Burien Where do you live now/what does […]

Meet an Instructor: Sarena Perez

The Rivkin Center’s Education Program The Rivkin Center’s education program provides free health education workshops. Instructors educate women about their breast and ovarian health and cancer risks. Say hello to Sarena Perez, one of our instructors and an ovarian cancer survivor. ABOUT SARENA Where are you from? Sacramento, CA Where do you live now/what does […]

Because of You: A thank you letter from an ovarian cancer survivor


My story In January 2017, I went in for my annual gynecological exam. During the exam, my gynecologist noted that my uterus seemed enlarged and, suspecting that I had fibroids, sent me for an ultrasound. While having the ultrasound I watched the monitor trying to decipher the gray blobs I saw, wondering how I’d fit […]

Lucky Cancer

Guest blogger Carol Reed shares the story of when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Each woman’s ovarian cancer story is unique, and Carol emphasizes that she speaks only for herself. This is her experience.