Sindhja Narayanan

University of Washington Sindhja is in her final year at the UW studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health, and is on the pre-medicine track. She is currently exploring her interests across interdisciplinary spaces within the field of medicine, with a focus on maternal and child health. In her free time, she finds herself curating playlists, […]

Audrey Minch

Oregon State University Audrey is a senior at Oregon State University majoring in biology with a minor in computer science. She hopes to attend medical school in the future. Audrey is passionate about raising awareness for women’s health and making sure women have access to resources. On campus Audrey is a part of Tri Delta where […]

Aastha Sandeep Mamidi

University of Arizona Aastha is a Sophomore at the Honors College of U of A majoring in Bioinformatics as a pre-medical student. She is eager to pursue a career in women’s healthcare as an advocate for women’s empowerment and wellness. As a dedicated pre-health student, she also aims to maneuver her education in informatics to […]

Neil Johnson, PhD

Dr. Neil Johnson, PhD

Fox Chase Cancer Center Neil Johnson, PhD is an associate professor of Molecular Therapeutics at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. He studies mechanisms of DNA damage detection, repair, and signaling that occur in BRCA1 mutation-containing organisms and cancers. His laboratory uses a range of approaches, including cell biology, mouse genetics, and therapy resistance modeling, […]

Ramandeep Rattan, M.D.

Dr. Ramandeep Rattan, MD

Henry Ford Health Dr. Ramandeep Rattan is a Gynecologic Oncology Research Professor at Henry Ford Health. The Rattan lab is interested in better understanding and controlling abnormal ovarian cancer metabolism and immunometabolism. Macronutrient modification and metabolic inhibitors are two translational strategies used in the lab to improve the anti-tumor immune response and boost chemotherapy effects. […]