Education Program

Empowering individuals to prevent and detect ovarian and breast cancer

Why Educate on Ovarian and Breast Cancer

​Education is key for awareness and early detection improves outcomes for ovarian and breast cancer. Through education, more women will know their bodies, be aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian and breast cancer, and feel empowered to advocate for their health. Ovarian and breast cancer can be genetically linked so it’s important to educate about them together. Having one of these puts you at risk for having the other. Since there is currently no screening test for ovarian cancer in average risk women and it is often misdiagnosed, it is important to educate women about ovarian cancer.

Our Approach

The Rivkin Center’s Education Program educates individuals on ovarian and breast cancer through our innovative workshops. Our Rivkin EDU workshops are called parties because they are fun, frank, and fear-free!

Our parties include a comprehensive science-based education curriculum taught by a health instructor and an ovarian or breast cancer survivor who shares her personal journey. Through these interactive parties, we create a supportive space where attendees can learn, connect, and feel safe to ask questions.

We empower individuals with the knowledge and tools for early detection, prevention, and self-advocacy so they can be proactive about their health.

Learn cancer myths

Are you a cancer survivor?
Katie Parker

Mercy Housing Regional Director

Resident Services

“I am grateful to Rivkin EDU for putting a very human portrait to such a hard to talk about and often taboo subject. The Rivkin EDU Parties allow us to break down some of the boundaries that have been put up around ovarian and breast health and being proactive and engaged in your own health. We have a number of different cultures at our properties and these parties have allowed us to introduce this subject in a way that is non-threatening and open… allowing our residents to ask questions in a comfortable environment. Rivkin EDU also inserts fun and levity into a topic that is sometimes hard to discuss making it feel less “doom and gloom” and more empowering and hopeful!”
Be educated on the signs & symptoms for Ovarian Cancer