Assess Your Risk

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Family history and genetics are the strongest risk factors for breast and ovarian cancer. Take our short breast and ovarian cancer risk calculator to learn more about your personal risk, so you can be proactive about your health.

Genetic testing and preventative surgeries saved my life

Who should use this tool?

Women and men who are curious about their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, especially those with a history of cancer in their family.

What does it do?*​

This simple tool will assess your risk of having a genetic mutation that puts you at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer and what you can do about it.

How long does it take?​

There are only 4 questions, so it takes most people just a few minutes to complete.

NCCN Guidelines​

This tool is based on information you provide and the current NCCN guidelines

*This tool is designed to quickly identify who should be referred for cancer genetic counseling and formally evaluate their family history and discuss benefits and limitations of genetic testing for inherited/hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancer. This quiz is a screening tool, not a “yes” or “no” diagnostic test. This screening tool does not assess non-familial risk factors for breast and/or ovarian cancer. Learn more about breast and ovarian cancer. It is important to talk to a health care provider if you have questions about these results and your cancer risks.

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