Rivkin Connect

Connect with our community of high-risk peer advocates to learn, share, and ask questions.

About our high-risk community

The Rivkin Connect program is here to help you connect with others who are high-risk and have taken many different approaches to reduce their risk for ovarian and breast cancer.

If you are high-risk there is not a one-size-fits-all care approach. These are extremely personal decisions that should be discussed with a trusted healthcare professional. You and your healthcare provider will decide on an individualized plan that is right for you.

Connect with others who are high-risk

Are you high-risk for breast or ovarian cancer? Or think you might be high-risk based on your family health history and/or genetics?
You are not alone! Connect with our community of high-risk peer advocates to learn, share, and ask questions. You and the peer advocate you are connected with will share your personal stories and have the ability to ask and answer important questions you may have about being high-risk for ovarian and breast cancer. 
We want you to know you are supported in this process. Being at high-risk can be scary, but we believe knowledge is power and so does our online community of peer advocates. Rivkin Connect provides:
  • An introduction to one of our high-risk peer advocates
  • A virtual community where you can connect directly with a high-risk peer advocate and learn from their personal experiences and ask questions 
  • Learn, grow, and build a positive foundation of support in your health journey
  • Create community 

Meet our peer advocates

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